Why Responsive Web Design Is Crucial For A Business To Grow?

Why Responsive Web Design Is Crucial For A Business To Grow?

Until a few years ago, websites were browsed simply on desktop screens. With boom of smartphones, the Mobile internet users around the arena are growing. Hence the demand for seamless, browser compatible and user-friendly website is increasing. Till date, the maximum of the corporate websites aren’t device friendly however having the best solution – Responsive Web Design that can adapt and serve the user purpose for multiple devices. Website that is versatile and presentable on its user device always offers a pixel perfect and responsive design. Let’s comprehend and explore the benefit as to why Responsive Web Design is crucial for business and can open opportunities.

What is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive Web Design is a technique intended to optimize the design or page information that adjust to any screen size. This approach eliminates the need of designing and developing multiple layouts for distinctive browser, screen and gadgets. In today’s digital age with mobile device excessive in use, the demand for Responsive Web Design is currently increasing greater!

Let’s discuss some essential part of Responsive design that is nevertheless significant for Business

  • Satisfactory User experience

A website that satisfies the user’s experience of no longer scrolling the elements to fit any screen irrespective of using desktop, smartphones or a tablet is highly regarded as a Responsive Website. Responsive design is the most direct marketing tool for businesses to create more traffic on their website. All website aims to reach a single goal of providing a quality user-experience which will delight the visitor to return and in turn will increase the revenue

  • Cost-Effective

Responsive Website is very cost-effective compared to having two different websites – desktop website and a standalone mobile website. It is more convenient to maintain one website than working on two different websites and end up spending more. Responsive design improves SEO performance by attracting all visitors to a single site, regardless of their device.

  •  High Page Rank

Main objective of a search engine is to make simple for visitors to acquire information what they are seeking for. Visitor browsing your website on a smartphone or tablet with an intention of fetching information from your website or blog. If website is not responsive, than it will significantly affect the ranking factors like Page Loading and Bounce Rate.

  • Page Performance

The Page performance of a responsive website is essentially important as per user experience. As the Responsive website loads with nearly all the elements – scripts and images all at once on smartphone and tablets where the website is being surfed. This is one of the main reasons for slow performance. The share of internet over mobile devices and smartphones is growing every day.  So it is our utmost to enhance the performance of website by implementing factors and guidelines provided by Google and design and develop the process accordingly.

  • Lower Bounce Rate

Today, online shopping is handier on Smartphones then desktop, so the need for a responsive website is also increasing concurrently. Any information related to products or services, if it’s not easy to view OR user have to scroll or zoom from left to right on the screen then chances of leaving your website without surfing from one page to another  is very high. This will increase your website bounce rates. A website or a blog is technically user-friendly with a clear navigation, readable text on different devices, clear images, and design and content that fits in to the screen for limited browsing experience.

When a user wants to discover an answer to a query through surfing on a mobile, Google helps him search the index for corresponding page and makes it possible by identifying mobile responsive page which augments the page ranks. In order to rank well in search result, Google has defined us some best practices that can help us and in turn this will increase our conversion rate.

  • Responsive sites improve SEO rankings

Responsive Design has a huge impact on SEO ranking, as it Google recommended design pattern. A mobile-optimized site performs well in search engine ranking with better user experience, as Responsive Design causes the website page to submit single strategic URL and HTML with slight changes in CSS for rendering of page on different devices. Also, Google analyzes the page using complex algorithmic formula to determine where your website should rank, particularly when the users explore or search the requirements from their mobile devices.

  • Single Website manageable on different devices and Flexible

With Responsive design, it is very appealing that it structures the Business logic with one single administration at source code. Basically make fluid grids, flexible images and CSS styling to render the design as per the width of multiple devices. Any alterations to website can be managed at one place i.e. at the source code which will be evident on all devices. Having a single version of website workable on different device helps to run SEO campaign created to work on different devices.


The most important form of media is internet, hence desktop and computers are browsed through internet. Well, if you don’t want to lose any potential clients then you need an attractive website optimized for mobile browsing. Responsive website responds to the screen size of the devices. Instead of creating different website for different devices responsive website rearranges the elements to fit any screens. Therefore, will get happier visitor which also leads to happier customer. Interested in Responsive Design, want one of those responsive website for your business; we can definitely help you with. Contact us today!

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