Why Web Application is converting to Mobile Application?

Why Web Application is converting to Mobile Application?

Smartphone usage is increasing rapidly as it is easily accessible and a user can seamlessly use it for unlimited browsing. Furthermore, Wi-Fi connectivity has made it easy for users to stay glued to their smartphones. While research indicates that mobile users at present are spending 86 percentage of their mobile time on mobile application, this indicates they are not only getting entertainment-centric apps but also using apps for shopping and other activities. Another research indicates 68 percentage of mobile users are engaging with brands through applications.

A mobile application is particularly developed for a particular mobile device and is directly installed onto the device. Mobile applications can be directly downloaded from app stores or app marketplace. Mobile Phone web browser allows to download web app with the help of internet. They might not be needed to be downloaded to be accessed.Although building mobile app costs more, still there is a paradigm shift in marketers from building web apps previously to mobile apps now:

Here are reasons why web application is converting to mobile application:

As web apps run in smartphone browsers; browsers are responsible for executing JavaScript code or HTML in order to pull off their magic. Speed is the demand of the hour. Mobile apps run faster than web apps and that’s why users prefer them. Different browsers execute JavaScript at different speeds. Basically, the code that is used to build web apps is not tuned for speed, unlike mobile apps.

  • Better User Experience:

As in mobile apps, iOS and android have their own visual differences. The UI elements used for closing screens, navigation or for selecting items are different. Whereas with a “one web app that fits all” mantra, one group of users will surely use the app that does not look like a normal app. It is crucial to preserve the same experience of the phone so you can see the exact same buttons and also navigate in the same way that you are used to doing.

  • Device integration:

Mobile devices offer many features such as GPS, inbuilt compasses, and touch screen interfaces. Mobile apps can directly integrate with these features whereas web applications have limited access to such features and this differs from device to device. At present, web apps cannot have access to your address book or camera. Therefore, web apps are being converted to mobile apps.

So, the benefits of mobile apps clearly outweigh the benefits of web apps and this is the main reason why mobile apps are becoming increasingly popular and even though web apps cost less, they are being converted to mobile apps for better user experience and much more. You can use PhoneGap to convert web apps into mobile apps for Android, iOS, Blackberry, Symbian and other Operating Systems. PhoneGap is a free and open source framework that enables you to create mobile apps by using web APIs for the platforms that you care about.


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